High Tg Moulds and Tooling's

  • High Tg Moulds Up to 2300C
  • Top Surface temperature Up to 1950C
  • CFRP & GFRP Moulds With In-Built Heating System
  • Testing Table and Training Moulds
  • For Laminate Preparations and Training of Different manufacturing Processes
  • Vacuum Enable moulds for infusion process trainings and laminate manufacturing

CFRP Moulds With In-Built heating System

  • Tools Manufactured With Carbon Fabric Epoxy Resin System
  • With In-Built heating systems and Vacuum enable surface and process
  • Lase projection marking and product Trimmings Markings
  • Surface accuracy up to 0.5 mm

Ballistic Application Components

  • Only Indian Manufactures Approved to manufacture Metallic Composites Ballistic Components for GUN Tanks
  • Product manufactured with ARAMID fabric with High Tg and Tensile resin Systems
  • Metallic-Composites product with Armor grade metals and Aramid Composites
  • Components are tested with Hight Temperature up to 1500 C and Low Temperature up to -540 C
  • MIL Standards been followed for all the Manufacturing and testing's