GBT is the largest mould manufacturer in India.

Description of Moulds and Tooling's

  • Moulds Shell Made of Epoxy & Polyester Resin
  • Mould Shell Made of Vacuum Infusion Rim Technique
  • Embedded Electrical Heating System
  • Integrated Vacuum System
  • Moulds Made Upto 52 Meter Long
  • Heating and Vacuum System Operated with Scada
  • Heating & Vacuum System are GBT In-house Developed
  • Profile check with laser tracking/scanning
  • Profile checking with laser cut templates
  • Top Surface Coated with Gelcoat
  • Mould Frame are Enusred By FEA
  • High Gloss surface up to 90 gloss
  • Surface roughness value up to 5 microns
  • Integrated with markings for product outer line trimming, drilling holes and cutouts

Moulds integrated with electrical heating, scada system